About Academia

Academia is a simple, user friendly software developed to meet and oversee administrative and academic tasks at selected levels of a school’s hierarchical structure. Developed under carefully selected scrutiny and extensive research, we are proud to declare to you that this software is a one stop solution to your academic and administrative concerns.

Manual processes of computation, compilation and registration can be stressful, time consuming, posses some degree of computational errors and also prone to loss of sensitive documents and (or) materials as well as record falsification. Accelerating business practices for optimal and effective results requires to a large extent the use of automated processes. For a school structure that conducts computation, compilation and registration, the use of well developed system to oversee these functions cannot be overemphasized. Aside the provision of value added services, there is also the benefit of a well regulated, standard and professional running school system. Academia by Oval Soft Technologies is an ideal Software to smooth sail the running of an effective and efficient school system.

Academia is developed with four modules. Each of the modules is designed to satisfy and meet all the professional standard requirements of software usage. The modules are:

  • Results Module
  • Admin Module
  • Accounts Module
  • Billing Module

Providing you adequate value for your money, the software has been tested and proven to satisfy professional requirements and standards. Its features include the following:
Security: Academia is developed with strict security policies that grant authentication and authorization to only privileged users at different levels of the software usage. This means not everyone can perform tasks on the software without approved permissions.
Reliability: Academia is a product that you can trust as it comes with a behavior consistent feature. Its stable and robust nature addresses the issue of crashes, unhandled exceptions and computational errors. While its data integrity nature ensures that all your data remain intact throughout the product usage.
Performance and efficiency: Academia is responsive software with fast and speedy computational abilities. It also comes with resource utilization abilities, appropriating usage of memory, storage and other resources.

“ Academia from Ovalsoft Technologies Ltd meets professional Standards and Requirements. A one stop Solution to its design objectives, I highly recommend it for Schools ”

- Mosi Mosugu…CEO, e-sense Technology Solutions Ltd