We pride ourselves as a competent business enterprise that provides quality and satisfactory services across different industries in the private and public sectors such as Education, Transport, Retail, Manufacturing, Tourism and Hospitality, Health, Government Agencies and Establishments, Finance and Accounting, Sports and Entertainment. Our team of committed and experienced workforce is readily available to deliver to specification.

Our Services

You name it, we build it!

Web Apps and Website Development

Our team of experienced developers will not just provide you with a dynamic and interactive website, but a website that will strongly communicate your corporate visions and objectives to the hearts of your target audience/clients through carefully selected features and layouts, tailored at sustainable business growth and development.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s help you build fostering clientele relationships reaching a wide community of potential and existing customers and remaining top of mind with existing customers through a comprehensive and engaging social media package, providing you the opportunity to humanize your brand.

Management Systems and Software Solutions

Bearing in mind that customer’s needs are not constant and neither are their buying approaches, let us help you develop applicable systems and strategic business models using carefully selected key informative tools with simplistic approaches to enhance productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and establishing long-term customer based relationships.

Sales and Distribution of Digital Communication Channels

Our wide range of digital communication channels that can be used in the following sectors of business and humanity; Medical, transport, education, industry application, retail and gaming will provide you with an entirely different audio-visual customer experience as well as enhanced aesthetic appeal of the environment.

“ Academia from Ovalsoft Technologies Ltd meets professional Standards and Requirements. A one stop Solution to its design objectives, I highly recommend it for Schools ”

- Mosi Mosugu…CEO, e-sense Technology Solutions Ltd